What you need to know:  Ice Sculptures

Delivery arrangements:

Delivery in the UK and set up charge is dependent on location and total order value.


Vat is NOT applicable for Ice Sculptures

Drain Trays:

We recommend that a drip tray is placed under the ice sculpture to collect any run-off.  We can supply our own design disposable trays for this purpose which  include a drain tube to direct the run-off into a water collector.  The cost is £7.50+vat each (size 64cm X 44cm) and £9.50+vat for larger items (Giant Clam, Dolphin and certain hand carved items)

How long will an ice sculpture last...

Ice sculptures remain attractive an useable for many hours at normal room temperature and require only a localised arrangement for water collection (ie a water collector under table).

General points:

Large blocks of ice need care when being handled as they are slippery and can be very heavy.  Place the ice sculpture on a prepared surface before making sure it is in a position where it will not be knocked and the table or bar will take the weight.>


If you are holding an outside function, a lighting contractor can make a big difference to your ice sculpture display.

After use:

After use, follow the same procedure for removal and place the sculpture over a suitable drain or large sink to allow it to melt totally (this may take more than a day).